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About Us

Dear Friend,

Please allow me to introduce you to – a entirely free, safe and secure website built on a social utility platform for the exclusive purpose of globally connecting health-minded people and businesses. Its goal: to advance global health and wellness care and delivery.

Features of Medagog include:

A secure internal E-Mail system;

A Appointment scheduler modelled after the internet’s leading fee-for-service appointment scheduling websites. Under one Medagog account, multiple users of any business or organization can utilize the appointment scheduling service and optionally send e-mail reminders to their clients. Note that clients do not have to be a member of Medagog to be booked;

A URL Directory that can be used to manage webpage favorites (i.e. frequented businesses, resources, and professional bodies, etc.);

A Classifieds module where health-related items can be listed for sale, need and, or, donation;

A Blogging feature for those interested in sharing something health-related with a general audience;

A Bookmarks application where one can share interesting internet information on their News Feed page for their contacts to follow;

An Events feature that allows for a limited or general audience announcement of important health industry events or activities;

A Polls option within a moderated group environment where members of the group can be asked direct or multiple choice questions that the system will statistically present the results of;

A Q & A (question and answer) module where members can pose any health and wellness related question for the entire Medagog community to see and respond to;

A Video option for users to post their favorite health-related YouTube™ video for the contact’s viewing pleasure. This is a great teaching tool for individuals and businesses alike, with respect to assisting contacts or clients to understand a health condition, a treatment, or a product application;

An Articles section for those wishing to publish scholarly work – in the absence or rejection of a publisher; and

A Document Manager that allows users to safely and securely store their own health records or other documents in support of their health-related research or education. This option allows one to selectively choose what documents to share, and with whom. For example, a user might opt to share health-related information with a professional user anywhere in the world for a second or third opinion, etc. Conversely, a student might want to share research items for a particular group project with a select few or all of his or her peers.

Medagog is the real deal and I humbly invite you to have a look. It has been under development since 2009 with the forethought of many years I have proudly put in as a healthcare provider in a number of capacities to the service of all peoples’ good health and wellbeing. Given my solid commitment to protecting your personal privacy at any cost with the help of the internet’s strongest encryption service powered by Thawte, it is hoped that you will be impressed by Medagog’s services and your confidence in joining this network will be solidified.

Yours very truly,

The Medagog team.